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Day 292: rvwalkabout and your craziest dream

20 Oct

I am in Texas this weekend to see my bestie Sara and her family before they do something crazy…

Sell their 4,200 square foot Texas-sized house, buy an Airstream RV, and travel the country for a year.

Talk about FEARLESS!

You can read all about the reasons why they are doing it and follow along in the adventure as they sell the house, pack up all of their belongings, and hit the road.  Feel free to join their fearless adventure on Sara’s blog: 

This was the last weekend I could come visit before their life spins into a whole new journey and I am so happy I could be here tonight to help launch their brand new dream.

But it has me thinking…
What is your big dream?
What fearless thing do you wish to do? Create? Find? Follow?

The most dangerous risk of all might just be not doing it. 

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