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Day 300: losing my wallet

28 Oct

I did not expect to lose my wallet today.

I am however, grateful for many things:

1) A Red Coat
I left 40-degree Chicago this morning, where I was so GRATEFUL that Pam let me borrow her red coat and take it on the road — because ALL of my winter clothes are still in Florida. Yes, I know, that makes no sense.

2) Geting home
I am also thankful that we beat the storm home tonight and I am tucked in safe and warm with family inland and far away from the beach. Let’s hope this storm blows out to sea or lessens and does not live up to the worst predictions.

3) My wallet
After landing at Logan Airport and riding the bus to South Station I realized I no longer had my wallet. It was in the little brown bag with my books that I accidentally left on a ledge inside the airport while running to catch the bus. It’s a long, silly story that left me feeling pretty stupid.

I reported it to the information desk, to Massport and to the State Police. There was no wallet to be found, just lost.

As I walked the hallways of Logan Airport, the wonderful woman from the Massport Information Desk tried to make me feel better by saying, “You know some people leave really large bags, we once had someone leave their cello.”

It did make me feel better. But, I still felt stupid. Thoughtless. What a waste of time and money and at least one day of my life will now be spent waiting in line at the DMV.

Ironically, through all of this, I was wearing my LOVEMORE+FEARLESS tee-shirt.

Then, just as we drove up the highway, headed home, I received a phone call from Southwest Airlines — they had my wallet. I didn’t fly Southwest Airlines. I have no idea how they got my wallet or who turned it in…

But, thank you to the wonderful soul who did.
It makes me hope that luck is on our side. 

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