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Day 304: a day for all saints’ and self care

1 Nov

Some weeks are just made for self care.
I vote for this one.

I think I have vacillated between every form of emotion from love to fear and back again.

Between losing my wallet and praying not to lose my house in Sandy’s super stormy cycle, THEN having my wallet returned (without the cash!) and thanking my lucky stars for a home intact with electricity …. to finally watching in horror as people up and down the east coast picked up fallen trees, flooded streets and burning houses………

I. Am. Exhausted.
Aren’t you?

So today I was a little relieved to find the top 10 mobile health apps from CNN.
One of which is my beloved Pocket Yoga.

It’s a good reminder for me.
To remember to be alive while I am, um, you know, HERE.
And to take care of the one body I have.

To breathe.

And to do something.

Even if it means consciously sitting still in silence.

Or quietly watching the ocean roll by, being grateful for each moment, every crash of every wave, down to the tiniest drop of water, as if I were a lighthouse at sea.

Resilient. Steadfast. Strong.

It’s no surprise to me, that on this day otherwise known as All Saints’ Day, I am breathing in a message to live in awe.

And to awesomely,
and unequivocally, 

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