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Day 307: without you, I can’t live without you

4 Nov

Writing from my phone tonight because the Internet is out. I don’t know why it is out, we are otherwise perfectly functional here (heat, electricity, running water, football on tv).

But all I can hear running through my head is that old song:

“With or without you, I can’t live, with or without you.”

Except in this case it is that I CAN live with you dear Internet… It’s the WITHOUT part that’s so hard.

We have become addicted and reliant haven’t we?

I can only imagine how households without electricity for days on end have coped this week in the wake of Sandy’s destruction… (I imagine children all over the east coast being introduced to a foreign concept—we called them board games).

Personally, my skin is crawling from just not having an Internet connection RIGHT NOW! I know, quite pitiful.

Regardless I feel fortunate for a roof over my head, thankful for all we collectively still have and hopeful for a swift recovery for all those who lost something this week.

Here’s to starting anew tomorrow.
Happy Monday …now when do you ever here that??


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