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Day 310: stormy weather

7 Nov

It’s stormy around here. 
So much so I am writing my post now, in case the power goes out.

The wind and rain are driving into the house and the windows.
The waves are crashing all around us.

It’s amazing how bright and blue the sky can be one day…
How dark and dreary the next.

It doesn’t help that I totally screwed up my schedule today and missed seeing a friend by an hour and a half. I have no idea how a 10am turned into an 11:30 on my calendar.

But it completely messed up my day.

It reminds me of two very important things: 
1. We all make mistakes.
2. It sucks to make mistakes.

Oh yeah and one more thing…
I really hate it when I make mistakes.

And why is the hardest part (possibly the fearless part) not being so hard on myself?

Like I said…
Stormy weather. 

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