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Day 318: we are here to be alive

15 Nov

Sometimes it feels like a message falls out of the heavens, exactly when I need to see or hear it.

Tonight, this one fell out of my journal and landed in my lap:
“We are here to be alive.”

I tucked this little card into my journal months ago. Who knew it would fall into my lap tonight, on this day, at this hour?

What am I supposed to take from it? 

  • Is it a reminder to be alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic — to quote an old camp song?
  • Is it a subtle nudge to enjoy the roaring ocean view outside my window — instead of fearing it?
  • Is it a practical joke — to “pinch me” and remind me that I am not dead yet?

I have no doubt that everything happens for a reason. Even this subtle little sign.

I don’t question when things go “wrong” or “bad” or otherwise all wonky any more.

I have learned in times of uncertainly (can you say cancer?) or disappointment (pink slip anyone?) I just need to wait for the lesson to unfold. The outcome is usually better than my original plans or dreams or expectations anyway.

But, tonight, I sit here pondering what it means, this message I hold in my hands:
We are here to be alive.

Maybe it is just supposed to be that uncomplicated.
And simple.

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