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Day 320: choosing to stick to it

17 Nov

I happily look at today and note that it is DAY 320. 


I love it when numbers look so round and big.
If I add 320 to 365 I get 685.

That’s 685 days of writing this blog.
I’m not sure when else I have strung together that many days in a row of one thing and officially stuck to it.


Here’s the good news.
If you start today, tomorrow will be Day 2.
And then 3… and then 4.

It only take one day to make a promise.
To do yoga, to work out, to eat right, to sleep better, to spend more time with the kids, to be nice, to save more, to meditate, to cook, to dance, to laugh out loud, to love more and fear less… to do it.

It all starts with Day 1.

And that can be any day you choose.
Why not today?

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