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Day 322: lovemore monday :: i can see clearly now

19 Nov

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!   That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a photo I took on the train….

of my new glasses!

I chose them specifically because they say one four letter word on the inside:
You guessed it… LOVE.

I can see clearly now that the scratch in my right lens is gone — and I love the idea that I’m literally looking out of love-colored glasses.

They even have hearts on the front!

Okay, maybe it’s silly and childish to be a grown woman walking around with hearts on her glasses.

But, that’s why, on this Lovemore Monday…
I. Love. It.

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