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Day 330: temporarily sidelined…ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!

27 Nov

Let me start this post by saying….we’re not stuck. 
Just temporarily sidelined.

As we pulled out of Naples in our PACKED TO THE GILLS SUV this morning, I turned to Justin and said:

“If we had a chair on top of the car we could be the Beverly Hills Hillbillies!”

It seemed funny at the time.
I mean, geez….we even have a SUITCASE strapped to the top of the car.

It was the only way we could fit everything we own inside the vehicle for our drive north.

I actually have no idea how Justin got everything inside this thing. I watched him measure every square inch and then move boxes and plastic tubs around until it all fit, Tetris Style.

We even have a 52-inch TV in this automobile!
Again, I have no idea how.

Luck seemed to be on our side.
Everything fit!
We hit the road!
Until…. the car overheated not even 20 miles out of town.

So we turned around. 

And here’s the part where I say THANK YOU for being a friend.

Dear Amy and Chad, thank you for offering up a good mechanic in the “literal” heat of the moment as our car overheated running down the highway.

Dear Debbie and Rob, thank you for offering up a place for us to stay as we wait for our car to be fixed and new radiator installed.

Dear Claire, thank you for writing such a fun story to keep me occupied while waiting for the car to be diagnosed.

And, thank you Travis! Car mechanic extraordinaire.

We have an appointment in the morning for a new radiator and something with a locksmith too. We hope to be on the road tomorrow afternoon.

Just as we left the mechanic shop today with diagnosis in hand, Justin turned to me and said, “Did you see the bleacher seat from the orignal Foxborough Stadium that was in his shop?”

“No?” I answered. “I was reading my book the whole time.”

“Well, it’s awesome and from the Patriot’s original stadium.” Justin seemed super excited and then he said the words that solidified our Beverly Hills Hillbillies status:

“I wonder if he would sell it to me?”

Visions of driving back to Boston with a chair strapped to the top of our car whooshed by, Clampett style.

And that’s the moment I heard singing in my head…
“Ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!”

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