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GIFT DAY 012: is it time to have fun?

12 Jan

Sometimes I have to remember how to have fun. 

Or just plain and simple relax and unwind.

So today we did just that.

An entire day devoted to just hanging out. Doing nothing important or immediate. Just taking care of some serious rest time. That and some serious catching up on season four of Nurse Jackie.

It was my gift of the day — to both Justin and to myself.

Because, honestly, sometimes I just work too much.

I just get so focused and addicted to the screen of my computer that I forget to savor the moments with those who are most important to me — and right in front of my nose.

So here’s to fun and to savoring a Saturday afternoon together.

More tomorrow.

{Have a fave TV show you’re behind on watching? Give it up! Share on the blog. Seriously.}

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