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GIFT DAY 014: life savers and the boston celtics

14 Jan

We are off to a Boston Celtics basketball game tonight.

I love basketball.

Not because I faithfully follow the NBA or because I worked with the Washington Mystics the first year they were founded. No.

I love basketball because it saved my life.
Well, basketball and a very good doctor.

My doctor discovered I had cancer in my annual sports physical check-up in high school (you know, the regular doctor’s appointment that every aspiring high school athlete must endure — Weight. Height. Pat on the head. Go play ball!).

I am lucky I played basketball.
I am lucky my doctor actually did a physical and not just a pat on the head.

I was so young. Just seventeen.

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I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t play basketball: would the cancer have been found in time to save my life?

  • What if Michael Jordan wasn’t the super star, game changing player that so captivated my youthful imagination?
  • What if the Boston Celtics weren’t so fun to follow and watch on TV?
  • What if my hometown didn’t grant girls varsity sports?
  • What if I had quit?
  • What if my doctor didn’t take the time to do a full medical exam?

Of course, the simple answer to all this is — He was. They were. It did. I didn’t. He did.

I was given the gift of life.
Basketball saved my life.
And I’ve got the scars to prove it!

Not a day passes that I don’t think about this. I am incredibly grateful to a little orange ball.

So tonight, while I cheer for the team in green from the stands, I will also be cheering on my team — the doctors who saved my life and the coaches that kept me in the game.

More tomorrow.

P.S. My gift of the day is a ticket to the Celtics game tonight! We have an extra — I think I will just give it away at the gate… how fun!

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