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GIFT DAY 015: abundance and taking action

15 Jan

First, an update:

  • We didn’t give away the free Boston Celtics ticket last night.
  • We tried calling friends — but it’s hard to find a last minute solo.
  • We toyed with leaving the free ticket at the restaurant where we ate with a simple note.
  • We considered handing it to someone who looked longingly in the direction of The Garden.

Alas, best laid plans.
Didn’t work.

celtics game, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

Good news!
The C’s won the game.

As for my daily gift, well …I was stuck.

Since I didn’t give the extra ticket away I needed something – anything! – as a gift for my day.

Celtics us

The answer found me on the MBTA.

On our subway ride home we met an adorable little three-year-old boy.

As I sat next to him listening to all of his commentary on the game (K.G.!!) and his constant questioning (Did the train stop yet?)…

I realized my gift of the day was just that …

To Listen.

To pay attention.
To really hear what he had to say.

And that made me realize — while I won’t have a super, stupendous, amazing, fantabulous gift to give away every day here — they all count. They all matter.

It is just the mere act — or rather — the action that will make me take action.  And I think that’s what this abundance thing might be all about.

More tomorrow.

{Where do you want to take action in your life? Dish on the blog!}


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