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GIFT DAY 016: snow on the beach?

16 Jan

I woke up to snow this morning. 

Snow on the beach.

Funny how a blanket of snow can make everything look different?

And new…
In fact, even more beautiful I might say.

As I shivered on the front step, waiting for Brady to do his biz and run up the stairs to go back inside, I caught a glimpse of the world around me.

When I went to sleep the world looked one way.

Jamie Eslinger, snow rock

When I awoke the earth was totally snow covered and looked brand new.

Almost like a dream.

And that made me think about abundance — and my promise this year.
From what I’m reading, watching, seeing, hearing, it seems that abundance starts with a dream.

We have to dream about abundance before we can see “abundance” in our waking life.

Not that dreams are the only answer, but certainly part of the equation.

It didn’t take long for the snow to melt away today — which is how I feel about some of my dreams.

Jamie Eslinger, snow

Sometimes they flit in and out. There are days where I feel SO strongly about an idea I could just shout it from the mountain top!!

And, then, after sleeping on it, well… it just disappears.

Like a dream.

I suppose that’s why the best dreams, the most wonderful dreams, the most intoxicating ones keep coming back. They keep tapping you on the shoulder and dancing in the background as if to say,

“Wake up! Don’t forget about me!!”

Those are the ones to pay attention to because they never melt away.

More tomorrow.

P.S. My gift of the day is a surprise! It’s going out to someone I love dearly — she will receive it in the mail. I’ll share what it is tomorrow and who will be receiving it too!

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