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GIFT DAY 023: JOY! to the world

23 Jan

I’m obsessed with the word “joy” today.

I’ve been obsessed with words lately. Mostly because of my promise this year to explore abundance.


The more you say the word out loud the funnier it sounds. And, really, I have yet to meet anyone who defines “abundance” the same way.

I have a sneaking suspicion that JOY is what ties abundance together. So today I took my interest to Pinterest.

Here’s what popped up on my screen when I searched for JOY:

joy, the promise daily, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

You’ve got clothes, books, children, food …you name it and everything else including the kitchen sink.

And some cute puppy photos too.

Although, my very favorite JOY pin is this one titled:


determiniation and joy, jamie eslinger, the promise daily, the promise 365


So here’s to determination and joy.
Maybe that combination is the underlining meaning of abundance? Stick with me, we’ll find out…

More tomorrow.

P.S. I shared my gift of the day on The Promise Daily — sign up if you haven’t yet. It might bring you joy?

{What does JOY mean to you? Ponder over a pot of coffee, call your best friend, or share with me on the comment section of the blog below.}

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