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GIFT DAY 026: another birthday… keep calm and carry on

26 Jan

I stayed in my pajamas until 2pm today watching Dowton Abbey reruns.

Keep Calm and Carry On

It was a glorious way to start my birthday.

I usually take the dogs for their early morning walk. But this morning, Justin took over that duty. He also brought me breakfast in bed and some gifts to open.

Specifically, he gave me the gift that I accidentally discovered a few weeks ago (that his mother hid in our spare bedroom). But I promised not to open it early and I kept my promise.

When I opened one of the gifts this morning, I laughed out loud. It was like seeing an old friend staring back at me saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

You see, over a year ago, I dropped my beloved coffee cup on the hard tile floor of our winter rental. It broke into pieces.

It broke my heart.

Because it wasn’t just any old coffee cup. It was my Keep Calm and Carry On mug.

Now, I literally have the bandages to piece it back together.

keep calm and carry on survival kit
Of course the coffee mug is long gone. But, I love the idea of bandages, a survival kit, with a little message to take a deep breath and stay calm.

I hope to only use them in times of insignificant need — no mortal wounds or anything.

keep calm and carry on bandages, jamie eslinger, the promise 365
Like, maybe when I have a bad day I will just strap one to my forehead.

Or, when important plans go awry, I will stick one over my heart.

I could divvy them up and place a few in my car, near my desk, in the kitchen …just as little reminders that things are never as bad as we think.

And …next to the mirror in the bathroom.

So when I see a few of those birthday wrinkles I can just place a Keep Calm and Carry On message right over it.

Because it’s usually just minor — the stuff that we think is broken. And most of the time, it’s nothing that a bandage can’t fix.

More tomorrow.

{Happy birthday today to Andrea Eggbert! We always shared a birthday in grade school and I wish her the best on her special day.}

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