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GIFT DAY 028: an ugly duckling, secret swan and message to dream big

28 Jan

Our little friend returned today.

swan, jamie eslinger, the promise 365
She is certainly graceful and lovely.
At least I think “she” is a she.

She is a swan.
And, as she circled the tidal pools today, I was reminded of something said to me long ago.

“Ugly duckling.”

It was junior high, at the height of my ugly duckling phase. A friend told me her mother called me an ugly duckling. It was meant to be a compliment. Like a dose of hope for the future that I might grow out of my present.

Like there was reason to keep dreaming.

Admittedly, I was an awkward female giant at six feet tall with feet the size of boats (possibly battleships given the amount of times I tripped over them).

Add to that a 1980’s perm and some serious plastic framed glasses and, well …you have an oversized, teenage, ugly duckling to rival Big Bird.

Today, I thought of that scrawny, awkward, four-eyed, beanpole, tower of a girl.

She may have been an amazon without a date…

But she was funny.
I mean, seriously… FUNNY.

And she was smart with a dose of kindness and a big thoughtful heart too.

When I think of that little girl I realize she was something else.

swan,, jamieeslinger

She was a secret swan.
Because she had dreams.

Not dreams to grow up and out of being an ugly duckling. No. She had dreams of growing up to BE.

She wanted to be a lots of things: an archeologist, an architect, a travel agent, a sports agent…even a stand up comedienne.

It was all about what she would get to do, be, create, find, explore…

swan, jamieeslinger, the promise 365

Which brings me back to that graceful, beautiful swan outside our door today.

As she explored the water, diving for food, swimming with grace, we snapped her photo and I nodded and smiled a knowing smile in her direction.

As if to say thank you.
Because her visit felt like a reminder to keep dreaming.
And dream big.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Thanks for the photos Justin!

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