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GIFT DAY 059: sit ubo, sit. good dog.

28 Feb

Our internet went out today.

Sometimes the secret to getting what you want is an ABUNDANCE of patience.Sometimes it’s as simple as being in the right place at the right time.

It left me in a tizzy asking myself, what did I ever do without THE INTERNET?

In my frustration, we went outside for a walk and had a romp on the beach.

My plan was to snap photos of Brady. At least, I TRIED to take Brady’s photo.

But he kept running and jumping.

I ended up with photos that looked like this:

brady blurry brady jumping

But finally, with a lot of concentration and patience, I was able to capture this one:

brady long

It was a lesson in patience for me.
And, as I got over my frustration with the dog that chases everything on the beach, I finally found a strategic way to get him to sit still for the camera.

(Sit Ubu, sit! Good dog.)


It’s not pretty.

But nothing that a little cropping can’t fix.

And, that reminds me of something.
Sometimes you have an ABUNDANCE of both patience and strategy.

More tomorrow.

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GIFT DAY 058: chocolate the fearless, or is it the other way around?

27 Feb

This caught my eye today.

How could it not?

fearless chocolate,,,

If chocolate can be fearless …why can’t we?

I wish you an abundance of super organic chocolate….
Or whatever it takes to be fearless.

More tomorrow.

{If you were truly fearless, what would you do? Dish in the comment section below.}

GIFT DAY 057: the gentle leader

26 Feb

I studied leadership from a young age.

I was sent to Washington D.C. with a group of young, aspiring up-starts in college to learn “leadership” from the best.

Between books, and seminars, and webinars, and conferences, I feel like I have invested countless amounts of hours into honing my skills in leadership.

So why is it that I cannot lead my dogs?

We have a pulling problem.
Let me restate that …we have a SERIOUS pulling problem.

Brady thinks that he is in charge.

Which is fine when he is running down the beach chasing a ball. Not so great when my arm is attached to the other end of the leash and he picks up the scent of a stick, or a bug, or a she-dog.

So we broke down and bought a leadership tool.
The Gentle Leader.

Brady Gentle Leader, Jamie Eslinger,, the promise daily, the promise 365

It’s a miracle. Seriously.

If I saw this thing on QVC, I would roll my eyes and say, “Bah! How could a little strap of nylon keep my dog from pulling and snapping my arm off?”

The reason it works?

Dogs don’t like their heads to be pulled.

The Gentle Leader just CHANGES the position from where the leash pulls. It pulls from the nose instead of the neck.

Dogs like to pull from the neck, because it feels like work and contribution. But they don’t like to pull from the nose because it turns their head around and they can’t see in front of them.


Just the qualities I want in the people I trust to lead me too.

Leadership doesn’t have to feel like being pulled around now does it?

More tomorrow.
{My gift of the day… a gentle leader! First person to post in the comments section below gets a Gentle Leader. Your arm will thank me!}

GIFT DAY 056: where do gifts come from?

25 Feb

My journey in abundance continues…
as I give away a gift a day.

It’s Day 56 around here, which means I am on to my 56th gift.

I have given away gifts of all sizes so far. From calendars to tee shirts. From meaningful (picking up the lunch tab) to barely believable (keeping my mouth shut).

Last week as I rode the bus to Delaware, I chalked up my “gift of the day” as a bus ticket to go see my friend Laura.

Ah, the bus.
It’s quite an odd place isn’ it?

A travelling taxi with its own overflowing bathroom that never seems to work and is always out of hand sanitizer.

But somehow, last week, that was not the case.

The people were pleasant. The bathroom was not overflowing. Sanatizer galore.

I even had an electrical outlet next to me!

I scored a table seat where I could work on my laptop. (Of course, the WIFI that was advertised all across the MegaBus website didn’t work, but who’s counting?).

At our first bus stop, a young man approached me, looked up and down my computer and I followed his gaze to the electrical outlet.

He stood in front of me, almost pleading. “Could I use that electrical outlet?”

“Sure.” I smiled back but something inside of me stirred, as if the giant protector of the electrical outlet was unleashed. Then an evil voice spoke from my own mouth, “But, I don’t know where you’re going to sit?”

I said it like it was a question, but really it was a statement. As soon as it came out of my mouth I immediately gasped. Who was I to be so territorial? I tried to take it back but the damage was done.

He walked away and plugged his computer into the socket behind the bus driver while the bus was parked for a pit stop.

I sulked in my seat, feeling sheepish and small. And terrible.

An hour into our drive the same man came back through the aisle and looked at me again. He stood with his computer in hand looking lost. None of the electrical outlets on his side of the bus were working.

I jumped on the opportunity as if it would make up for my previous power hog behavior. “Do you need to plug in?” I practically sang across the bus.

“Yes.” he looked relieved.

I shuffled my body around to sit sideways on the seat, just to make room for his laptop on the table. I moved the backpack of the woman who was asleep across from me to make room for him. We arranged the cords to snake his down the seat and plug into the wall.

I felt like such an electrical outlet hero — and just then, the power went out of the bus.

I grimaced. I had been plugged in for hours. And, just as soon as I was ready to share, we all lost power.

Luckily, with a flip of a switch, the bus driver returned power back to the bus. I spent the rest of the ride talking with my new friend.

But the lesson wasn’t lost on me.

As I look back, I could have counted my “gift of the day” as my offer to (finally) share the electrical outlet with a stranger.

That “gift” was really a profound reminder to me.
In the form of a lesson about why it is so important to share.

Because in the end — aren’t we ALL riding the same bus?

More tomorrow.

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GIFT DAY 055: oscar the couch

24 Feb

My favorite golden guy is back in town. 

It’s OSCAR night.

Which means I am on the couch getting ready for the big show.

I once dressed as Gwyneth in pink for an Oscar party with my friends.

gwen pink

I found a pink prom dress at the local Goodwill. I painted an old Barbie doll with golden spray paint, and then to top it all off, I slicked back my hair and bleached it bright blonde.

When I arrived at the Oscar party everyone knew exactly who I was supposed to be.


Then I thought, “I should have done this costume for Halloween instead.”

And, that’s the thing I’m learning about ABUNDANCE.

Just like good ideas, you can’t save them for a better day.
You have to let them out when they come to you.

You have to let it flow.

I never wore the pink dress and Gwyneth get-up again. But I didn’t need to. It was already done.

And, had I waited for Halloween to roll around… well, the moment could have passed.
A good reminder to seize the costume… er, the day.

Enjoy the Oscars tonight.
Popcorn anyone?

More tomorrow.
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GIFT DAY 054: i feel pretty, oh so pretty

23 Feb

It was spa day over here.

Lily painted my nails today and braided my hair.Then we had some post spa fun with a phone APP called Picute.Don’t we look cute?

It’s amazing how the little things can make me happy.
More tomorrow.

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GIFT DAY 053: my socks can talk

22 Feb

My socks don’t normally talk.

Except today, when I pulled them out of my suitcase and they screamed, “I AM AWESOME.”

socks, the promise 365, jamie eslinger,

It’s hard to ignore that sort of fanfare, especially when it’s coming from your feet.

I forgot about these totally inspiring socks until today. They were tucked in my stocking at Christmas (thanks Kim!).

I rediscovered them on the best day possible.

Laura invited me to join her on a run today.

At first, I thought of an ABUNDANCE of excuses to decline…

I have to write my blog, I haven’t run in months, I started my period, my computer needs me.

Then I looked down at my feet. They screamed back.

“I am awesome.”

How could I say NO to toes like that?
So I went for the run.

I forgot how much I hate the taste of my lungs bleeding and the feeling of my legs tingling after gasping for air on an uphill climb.

I also forgot how great it feels to finish a run, walk off the pain, and then melt into a nice, hot shower.

It was exhilarating. Like I actually did something.

Thanks Laura, for the invite.
Thanks Kim, for the socks.
Thanks toes, for the reminder.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what we can do.

It’s even more difficult to remember things like, “I am awesome” in moments of wavering and waffling and the myriad of excuses that go along with them.

But it’s most comforting to know that sometimes inspiration is as easy as looking down.

At your toes.

More tomorrow.

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GIFT DAY 052: guess my age

21 Feb

It isn’t SPRING until March 20.

But I think I’m ready.


As I write out tonight’s blog I am surrounded by a six-year-old who is trying to guess my age.

“Are you 20?
Are you 34?”

I want to say yes.

But that would be a lie, and I don’t think it’s fair to lie to a six-year-old.

Finally, he blurted out, “Are you 39?”

“Ah, yes. How did you guess?”

He just smiled and giggled and we laughed.

I’m no spring chicken, but here’s one thing I know — laughter is something that just doesn’t change with age.

And with that, I wish you an abundance of spring laughter.

More tomorrow.

{Are you ready for SPRING?}

GIFT DAY 051: riding the bus

20 Feb

I’m riding the bus today.

With a group of high school students.

They are talking about colleges and applications and debating the benefits of Brown University vs. Syracuse.

They are espousing the features of each of their dream colleges. The programs, the academics, the campus settings.

I wish I could tell them a secret.

I want to tap each of one on the shoulder and let them know that no matter where they go, the most important feature of college they take with them probably won’t be in the classroom.

My guess is, it will be in the dorms.
With the people and the friends they make.

I want to tell them they will make friends in four short years that will last a lifetime. I want to tell them they will drop everything, over a lifetime to be with those special friends no other life experience can replace.

I am on a bus today to go see my dear college roomie who lost her brother last week.

We can send emails. We can text back and forth. We can cry our eyes out over the phone. But, some things need to be said in person.

Sometimes you just have to hug it out.

I want to tell these high school students a secret. Finding your friends in college is like finding the most beautiful seeds that will bloom and grow together.

trees, jamie eslinger, the promise 365,

And, being old friends is like turning into two solid trees, blocking the sun and wind for each other no matter which way it shines or blows.

More tomorrow.

GIFT DAY 050: meditate on this – today only

19 Feb

If you’re part of The Promise Daily, you already know about this awesome new APP.

Because each day, on The Promise Daily, I share the really cool stuff – the stuff that I love – that I want you to know about too!

It’s just another way for me to explore ABUNDANCE this year. Because …what goes around comes around, right?

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More about this amazing new APP that promises to change the way we access meditation.

Released today.
This new APP lets you choose from hundreds of guided meditations, inspirational speeches, binaural tracks and much, much more.

But it’s only free today!
Download Omvana today, Tuesday Feb 19, and get 50+ free tracks.

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More tomorrow.

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