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GIFT DAY 066: new shoes, new shoes…

7 Mar

What a day!

I made it to Chicago last night. Beat the storm. Got out of Scituate before the town was evacuated for ANOTHER coastal storm in the winter of never ending storms.

And this morning I found myself in Chicago without a change in underwear.

If you were with me for my first year of The Promise 365, where I didn’t shop for clothes or shoes, you will remember that it was precisely this (the underwear part of the equation) that became my biggest challenge.

For one, I learned that you can pretty much borrow anything from a good friend — except for underwear.

So today, as soon as TJMAXX opened I found myself on the front door step skipping to be let in to the Maxxinista Mecca.

It was almost torture. I haven’t been shopping in so long it was overwhelming. I found myself putting things in my cart, pulling them right out of my cart, looking at the price tag and then putting them back in.

I was like a stranger in a foreign land.

I finally ended up with a new outfit, a new pair of shoes and some serious underwear. Enough to get me through my next few days here in Chicago.

But I forgot one minor detail.

I did remember socks later in the day — as soon as I began to feel the blisters forming on the bottoms of my feet in my new shoes.

The irony of all this is, I am here in Chicago to work with a former co-worker from my Dunkin’ days. The last time we worked together we were in Las Vegas running an international convention where I had this very same problem.

New shoe blisters.

new shoes

The blisters were so terrible I finally broke down and asked the tech guys backstage if I could borrow their duct tape. I wrapped my feet and toes in duck tape and didn’t take it off over the course of the three-day convention.

Here’s the funny thing — it worked. Better than Band-Aids.
Is there anything duct tape can’t do?

Signing off with new shoes, swollen feet, and clean underwear.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

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