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BLOG – GIFT DAY 067 f*ing friday: fleur-de-lis

8 Mar

We haven’t had an F*ing Friday around here for a while.

So why not tonight?

In Year 1 and Year 2 of The Promise 365 I devoted Fridays to F-words. You know, the good ones. Like these:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Fabulous
  • Free
  • Faith
  • to name a few….

Today is dedicated to the word fleur-de-lis.
As in ….an art party.

its an art party, bottle and bottega

As you know, I believe you can do anything.
And now I am convinced that ANYONE can learn to paint!

Why? Because I spent the last twenty-four hours with my good friend Nancy and her biz partner Stephanie who created Bottle & Bottega.

B&B is a new client, and if I can brag for them — they were just named HOTTEST FRANCHISE CONCEPT for 2013 by USA Today!

It’s an art party.
And it’s awesome!

Think wine.
Think art.
Think craft beer, craft-y, craft-tastic.

It’s like an art class mixed with a wine party with a dash of funky, cool, awesome.

painting party

Plus, you get to take your painting home.

Truth be told, I am a wanna-be painter.I painted in college (I actually could have been a ART MINOR in college but I refused to take Art History. I didn’t want to lose the slot of a studio art class to a boring lecture class — if only I had known how cool art history was then…C’est la vie!!)

But I have let my painting lapse. It has gone dormant.
So last night, at Bottle & Bottega, I was thrilled to jump back in.

It was easy — there’s an art instructor on site breaking down the painting into easy steps.

It was relaxing –but of course! We had wine.

It was a total diversion and a break from the daily grind — escapism at its best!

Here’s my final painting.

my final art

I feel totally great about hanging it on a wall. And it was painted in under 3 hours. While sipping wine. And laughing. And getting my hands dirty.

And it was a good reminder of that phrase I always write about…

Even paint.

All you need is a little help, guidance, inspiration, and good friends.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the wine.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{Like to paint? Wish you could paint? Afraid of paint? Share in the comments section.}

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