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GIFT DAY 069: are you living the dream?

10 Mar

Happy Sunday.

Sundays always feels like a blend of endings and beginnings to me.
The start of something almost new and the end of something not quite old.

livin the dream, traci mcnamara,

Livin the Dream: Art by Traci McNamara

As I sit here on a Sunday night, I am reflecting on both my most recent past and my future ahead.

That includes errands, chores, work, assignments, tasks for next week and my dreams too.

But sometimes I forget to take stock in the good from the week behind me, before I jump into the chaos of the week ahead of me.

So here goes!

Last week was full of so much fun (seeing friends) and terror (the latest coastal storm) and joy (my trip to Chicago).

My trip to Chicago was a great combination of friends and a focus on fulfilling work.

I had coffee with my friend and You Can Do Anything participant Debby! She so sweetly brought me a bag of goodies (bath salts!) to make my stay more comfortable — especially since I fled Boston before the storm without a change of underwear.

debby and jamie,, the promise 365

I held a brainstorm session with my new client Bottle & Bottega. Their brand is both fun, forward thinking, and funky-cool-awesome. Bonus! It is led by two rock-star women.

Finally, I returned home to my winter abode. And I was relieved to see our rental house still stood on top of the beach …and wasn’t washed away by the sea.

All of these experiences were gifts to me.

And in my year of abundance and giving away a gift a day, I am learning a GIFT doesn’t always appear with a ribbon wrapped around it.

Gifts can be sneaky that way.

Here’s to you and your dreams for next week.
And all those new adventures just waiting for you.

They might just be gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

P.S. Like the painting above? Check out Traci McNamara’s work in Chicago. Click here.

{What does it mean to you to “live the dream?” Write on. Or share in the comments section.}

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