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GIFT DAY 071: lights… camera.. action… mouse?

12 Mar

I’m in this cool office space today, called Oficio. You have to pay to play here, and sign in at the front desk.

Everyone must sign in, even guests.

Well, everyone except the one who didn’t. A little mouse is crawling around the place and I don’t think he signed in. And that’s okay because it is Boston. There’s probably more mice than men in this town.

The little furry guy made for some serious action here today. People grabbing garbage bins, pointing in the direction of the mouse flying across the room at light speed.

And it reminded me about something I almost forgot about until today… the exact moment when my writing career started

I was six-years old.
I was in elementary school.

I would get up early, dress for school, make my bed and then …write. I made up stories and wrote them on lined paper with a pencil.

(Note: for those of you under the age of twenty, a pencil is this old fashioned writing tool that we used on this thing called paper. It was all we had back in the dark ages before iPads were invented.)

One of my stories was called “House Mouse” a tale of a tail.

When Mama Sling woke up she would find me sitting on the end of my bed writing House Mouse stories. And believe me, she reminded me of this every single time she couldn’t get me out of bed before high noon as a teenager too!

But somewhere between puberty and college and finding a paycheck in the real world, my propensity to sit in one place and string words together got lost.

Until I made this promise three years ago.

The ironic part of my promise was this: it really had nothing to do with the writing a blog everyday. But it was the writing a blog everyday that had everything to do with my healing adventure and journey.

My healing happened because I took action.
(And if you were there with me — thank you!)

And I think that’s the secret of really making your dreams come true — ACTION.

Lights… Camera… Action.

Don’t get me wrong …I love goals.
But goals without action are like daydreams … rumors of the heart. They aren’t quite real yet.

But promise, promises come from a deeper place.
Promises are more meaningful. Promises with action are where dreams come true.

And to think …it only took me thirty years and a little mouse to figure that out.
Oh yeah, and 365 days of action.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),
{Where can you take action? Write on… in the comments section.}

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