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GIFT DAY 073: What’s your ideal day?

14 Mar

What’s your ideal day?

It’s a question I ask my coaching clients often. Because it’s really important stuff. Our days are the nonrenewable resource of our life.For me, the recipe for a good day includes getting to spend time with good friends.

And today, I had an incredible morning in Boston with my superstar friend Julie (thanks Julie!).

But on the train ride home I encountered a problem.
One of those “How Do I Solve This?” problems.

Here’s the scenario:
– Justin called.
– He was supposed to pick me up at the train station.
– He put Brady in the car to go for a ride to the train station (something our pups love to do).
– He shut the door because a neighbor started to talking to him.
– The keys were already in the ignition.
– Brady locked the car — from the inside.
– The “Smart” key that we have for my Nissan Altima stopped working. The “Smart” key that is NOT supposed to let you lock your keys in the car, didn’t do it’s smart job.
– I was on the train with the other set of keys

I had no idea how to get from the train station to home.

Justin was standing watch outside the car in hopes that Brady wouldn’t chew through the leather seats while he was locked inside my car that I specifically bought because it had leather seats.

I contemplated walking the forty minutes home. Which would be totally reasonable on any other day than the day when our puppy was locked inside my car!

So I did what any reasonable person would do — exactly what any reasonable person is taught not to do — I talked to strangers.

I started with the woman standing next to me on the train.

“Do you have a car?” I asked.
She looked at me funny, as if I just asked if she was an alien waiting for the next stop on Mars.

I then restated my question. “Are you driving home today when the train stops?”

“Oh, no.” She smiled. “I wish. But I’m walking.” And then she followed with what any reasonable stranger would. “Why?”

I then went into the long story about my car, the dog, the smart key that was no longer smart.

“Sorry.” she said.

Before I could go on to the next person in line a woman behind me asked. “What’s the problem with your dog?”

As I explained the whole story the train stopped.
The woman motioned for me to follow her and said, “I love dogs, I’ll help you out.”

Her name is Jackie.
Not only did she help me out by driving me home so I could throw the keys out the window to Justin to rescue Brady from the locked car …it turns out Jackie also volunteers for an organization called Fairy Dogparents.

I begged and pleaded Jackie to let me pay her back for her good deed and the ride home. She refused and said she was just happy to help.

But then I told her about my blog and how I am giving a gift away each day and I wanted my gift of the day to go to HER, Jackie-the-rescuer-of-Jamie.

She refused again, but then said, “You can give any gift to Fairy Dogparents.

Yes! We both beamed, knowing it was the perfect way to say thank you to a kind stranger.

So today, my gift is to Bumblebee.

119-bumblebee, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

Bumblebee has a stricture in her esophagus (narrowed esophagus) which causes regurgitation and requires an all liquid diet. Bumblebee’s issue is the result of eating part of a towel last summer requiring surgery. Her Dogmother spent their savings on Bumblebee’s previous treatment and on her other dog’s medical needs, but unfortunately he passed away last August. We have sponsored the maximum amount for Bumblebee. If you would like to sponsor money towards the $3000 endoscopy please use this donate button. Bumblebee and her family thank you.

You can donate to dogs like Bumblebee, apply for help for your own pooch, or become a Fairy Dogparent here.

I am thankful Jackie helped me out and I made a new friend. I am also thankful Brady didn’t chew up my leather seats. But most important I am pleased my gift went to helping a dog in need.

Kind of an ideal day if you ask me.

And…after a day like this I am convinced there is a reason Dog spelled backward is God.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{Want to help dogs in need? click here}

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