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GIFT DAY 076: it’s your lucky day!

17 Mar

Money is fascinating.

How it changes hands, where it starts, where it goes, how it travels from you to me and back again.

Yesterday, I wrote about my surprise quarter.
Today, I gave it away.

My lucky quarter.quarter surprise, the promise daily, the promise 365

I found the quarter on my seat in the commuter rail yesterday and I gave it away in the subway today.

All because I accidentally boarded the wrong train.

Right direction.
Wrong train.

I needed to go to Braintree and (oops!) got on the Ashmont train. It was a sea of green for St. Patty’s Day with hoards of people heading to South Boston for THE parade.

I detrained at South Station to wait for the next Braintree train and that’s where I discovered NEMES.
nemes, the promise daily, the promise 365, jamie eslingerThey are a fun, young mix of folk and some serious beats. A little bit country, a little bit Mumford and Sons.

Perfect for a St. Patty’s wait in the subway.

The crowd was enthralled. (Granted half the people were drunk but still… good beats). So I dug into my wallet and threw my lucky quarter in their open guitar case.

My gift of the day.
Small? Sure.
Meaningful? Yes.

And that’s the best kind of gift to give.
Maybe I wasn’t headed in the wrong direction after all.

You can find out more about NEMES here (my fave song so far is “Hooray”):

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

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