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GIFT DAY 085: 30-day gratitude challenge: day 9, you just won!

26 Mar

Day 9 of the Gratitude Challenge over here. 

And it has me thinking…

Who would you thank?

Let’s say you just won a REALLY HUGE AWARD. Like the biggest, baddest, bestest award ever.

Who would you thank?

A Grammy.
Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.
Mom of the Year.

Who would you thank?

Here’s a fun site built by Rebecca Rolfe called Thank The Academy that tracks just who has been thanked during Academy Awards Ceremonies.

You can see who thanked whom.
The Academy. Their Kids. Their Writer. Director. Agent. Publicist. God.

It’s a cool site with lots of built-ins to track the GRATITUDE in Hollywood. The flavor of the moment, the difference between male and female actors, directors and writers.

You can even write your own thank you speech.

It’s cool.
But even more than being cool, it has me thinking…..

Who would you thank?
For what you have.

Today, I am grateful for:
1) Cell phones.
2) Stephen Lynch songs that make me laugh (when I don’t want to).
3) Big shoes.

But even more than being grateful, I would like to thank:

1) My parents for equipping me with more love than I need.
2) Justin, for making me laugh — even when I don’t want to.
3) And you. Yes, YOU. For being here with me.

Thank you.

I promise to be here for you too.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),
{Who’s in your acceptance speech? Share in the comments section below.}

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