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BLOG – GIFT DAY 125 :: 21-day spring clean: smell the roses

5 May

Day #17 of our Spring Clean.
And boy, did it feel like spring today! 
I often say my dogs go for “smells” instead of “walks” outside. Pup especially stops every three centimeters to sniff the ground.

Today, Brady joined us for a long two hour walk in the sunshine. He’s still learning how to walk gently on a leash — which is why we love the Gentle Leader that straps around his nose and helps him stay in step — gently.

Which brings us to Spring Clean Tip #17: Stop and Smell The Roses 

Having Brady along for the walk reminded me of something very important. – as he tugged and pulled to attempt to outwit the Gentle Leader and smell the dirt, ground, flowers, and EVERYTHING else we passed…

He reminded me to not only smell the roses, but to STOP and smell the roses.

To pause.
To take it in.
Smell it up.

Take a deep breath.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{Where can you stop and take a pause?}
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