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BLOG – GIFT DAY 182 :: a rose to remember

1 Jul

It’s hot, but our roses are still blooming. 
The rest of our garden is a bit, well . . . scorched.

This heat wave is brutal. 
I thought we had a mercury rising problem at 104 degrees here in Oregon.

Then I checked Facebook and saw reports of 109 degrees in my home state of Idaho.

THEN, I talked to a friend who was experiencing 125 degrees in California.

Just goes to show you can always find someone is hotter water, even more hot than you can imagine.

Sadly, I then read the news reports flashing across my screen, email, Facebook and all social media:  19 Firefighters Died in Arizona.

Brave souls.
As I look at my weepy garden, the leafs turning yellow, now limp and lying on the ground beneath, scorched by the heat despite our best efforts to water every single night . . . I am taken with the rose bush that continues to bloom.

A hero among the wilting.
Just like those firefighters.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
{if you want to donate to fallen firefighters, follow this link}
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