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BLOG – GIFT DAY 183 :: crazy hot ways to cool-down

2 Jul

It’s so hot, my candle melted. On its own. No flame necessary.
This heat wave is so brutal hot even my candle is giving up.I grew up in the hot desert summers of Idaho. You would think I would remember all the ways to deal with the heat. Like shutting all the shades, cooling the house at night, creating wind tunnels with fans through the house.I guess my stint on the East Coast has unconditioned me to the secret ways of cooling down.

This morning I made iced coffee which tasted great. It was refreshing and cool and had that morning kick I needed after a hot (read sleepless in sweltering 90 degrees) night.

But I UNKNOWINGLY made a mistake. 

I accidentally grabbed Justin’s New England Patriots glass out of the cupboard. When Justin saw the glass next to my computer printer his eyes grew enormous and he sucked in air, pointing and saying “Waaaaaaht!”

APPARENTLY there is some crazy fan superstition that you cannot drink out of a Patriots glass out of season. I believe the exact words were:

“Don’t drink out of off-season glasses, it’s bad mojo.” 

I turned over the Patriots glass … and the Celtics glass that held my water all to Justin’s chagrin.

“You had both of these glasses in your office today?” Justin looked heartbroken. Then he said, “You need to find a Red Sox cup.”

I laughed out loud, and then realized he was serious.
It’s not just the heat causing these crazy ideas.

And, I suppose that’s okay, because I’ve had some pretty crazy ideas before too (like writing a blog every night for 2 and 1/2 years, eating raw foods, and then no foods with meat, and then no foods with sugar, and then no …. yeah, you get it).

So today, I am sharing some HOT ideas on how to COOL down.
Call me crazy.

How To Cool Yourself Down on a Hot Day 
These tips from WIKI HOW are standard, proven ways to cool down. My favorite?   “Run the insides of your wrists under cold water. If your major veins are cold or warm, your body is cold/warm.” 
(It. Works. I. Tried. It.)

3 Ways to Sleep Cool 
More from the mouths of WIKI. “Use an “ice towel.” Hang a wet towel holding ice cubes from two chairs. Point a fan at the towel and at you in bed. The melting ice will wet and chill the towel and the fan will blow that cold air on you. Place a container under the towel to catch the melting ice water. You can use a thread to connect the bottom of the towel with the container to avoid the annoying dripping sound.”
This one seems crazy… but I just might be this crazy.

23 Ways To Beat the Heat from Real Simple. Leave it to the magazine of simplicity to give us 23 ways to one thing.  Still… good ideas, good photos.

Too Hot To Grill? Try The Slow Cooker Yes, you read correctly, CROCKPOT from The New York Times. (KUDOS to Jenn for posting this today on Facebook! I trust anything that Jenn posts, because, well, she’s been on Jeopardy and is super smart).

I hope these ideas help you beat the heat.
(But, don’t drink out of Miami Heat glasses — the season is officially over.)

More tomorrow.

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