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BLOG – GIFT DAY 188 :: what does it mean to make a promise?

7 Jul

As I get closer to closing in on 1,000 days of blogging, I am so inspired and overwhelmed with all the people who have supported me, and, all those who are making promises too..
And today, I just want to say … THANK YOU.Thank you for supporting me in my crazy experiment to make bold, life-changing promises.From not shopping for an entire year……to not eating all sorts of things

…to loving more and fearing less

…to walking down this amazing path of abundance.

This journey has been thrilling.

And I was thrilled all over again to see this video of us last summer rafting the Colorada River in the Grand Canyon that Courtney posted on Facebook.

Zoom forward to 2:16 to see us enter the rapid.

It’s enough to make me wonder… was that really me? Did we really do that?

But, yes, that was us on a CLASS 10 RAPID, a rapid that almost dumped our boat. Fearless, indeed.

It’s amazing what you can do when you make a meaningful promise to change. Like, who would have thought I could sleep next to scorpions under those big rock walls, without a tent, in the dark?

But I did it.

And we all made it through the Grand Canyon and came out stronger.

Something I believe happens whenever we make promises and keep them.

So here’s to making promises — big ones and small.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

PS – if you want to make a promise, check out — I’ll be excited to see you there!
{what does a promise mean to you?}
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