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BLOG – GIFT DAY 191 :: how to stand out

10 Jul


I am honestly not sure how to say this…
we bought this couch and matching chair today.

Justin is SO HAPPY.
He LOVES this couch and chair.They are hideous.
And, I am not the person who called them “hideous” — it was the sales woman!

But, they are comfortable, and practically new despite being from 1970 something.

I immediately said NO WAY. NEVER. UH-UH. NOT HAPPENING.
But then I saw the look in Justin’s eyes, a look that doesn’t happen too often when it comes to things like decor or furniture (thank god) — pure love.

As I stood across from him soaking up the GLEE in his eyes, I asked myself:

What would be the fearless thing to do? 

We need a couch. The cross-country move was so expensive we can’t afford a brand new one right now, and I had already spotted a white sectional that I was in love with….


What would be the fearless thing to do?

I would rather not think of it as if I caved to the whims of a man who prefers Star Wars T-shirts over button downs, or bright orange hats to baseball caps.

It’s more like, I can’t remember the last time he looked this excited about home decorating.

So…. we bought this hideous couch and matching chair today.

Sure, it will go in the living room for now. And, when we get ahead of the curve after that cross-country move I will go buy the couch of my dreams and this little number will be moved to the Man Cave.

Plus, I already found some inspiring ideas on how to make the most of color on HOUZZ that will soon be implemented in our living quarters — you know, just to make it look like we planned this cacophony of color.

But, until then, I will rejoice in the look on the face of the man I love. 

And I will feel more fearless in my own skin for caring more about his feelings that the looks of horror on our future guest’s faces as they cozy up to the floral velour softness of our living room set.

Oh, yes, did I mention it’s a sofa bed too? 
Who wants to come visit!!??

But seriously.
The joy Justin brings me more than outweighs the wincing that will accompany walking through our living room on a daily basis. And, if he’s happy, then I’m overjoyed.

And, isn’t that, right there, the whole idea behind spreading ABUNDANCE?

Speaking of ABUNDANCE….Tomorrow I will reveal who yesterday’s card went too….
She is:

  • talented
  • fun
  • brilliant
  • artistic
  • a dog lover
  • living on the east coast

And, today’s card, well… I think Justin just earned a little Thank You note for keepin’ it real.

Because, after all this hullabaloo over a “loveseat” I am reminded that to stand out — to really STAND OUT — you have to be willing to cause a scene.

You have to be different.
Not trying to act the part of anyone else but you — all — you.

It’s not easy being green.
Or plastered with yellow and orange flowers circa 1971.

But if you are, I say, own it. 

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{how do you stand out?}
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