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BLOG – GIFT DAY 198 :: ask for what you want

17 Jul
Today, I continue my CARD CRUSADE.
My little way of saying thank you and spreading some abundance.

Yesterday’s card went to someone who loves watermelon martinis…and the Patriots…and her children…and shopping.It is Pam Peterson from Massachusetts! 

Pam has been such a wonderful supportive shining light in my life. She loves everyone around her like a mother — meaning she wraps you up in a hug and then tells you exactly what you need to hear. She doesn’t hold anything back, not her love, her laughter, her incredibly addictive chocolate chip cookies — or her sage advice.

People like Pam don’t come around that often. She is the perfect balance of love and light with a little kick in the pants.

Precisely why I love her so much!

Enjoy your card Pam!

Now, for today’s card…. it is going out in the mail with a little reminder to all of us.

Ask for what you want. 

You want a better job?
A raise?
A better situation.
A fun weekend, a good conversation, a supportive hug, a phone call, a ring….

Ask for it. 

Or, in this case, a card in the mail!

This person asked for a card so she’s getting one. I love the initiative as much as I love her too.

It’s a good reminder for us all… if there’s something we want we need to ask for it.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

P.S. This Card Crusade is made possible by Green Ink Gallery. Check out their beautiful fine art cards!
{what do you want?}
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