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BLOG – GIFT DAY 211 :: ducks and daisies

30 Jul
It’s hard to believe July is coming to an end.The more time zooms by the more grateful I am to the people who have stuck by me for not just years, but decades.

Some are from high school, some are from college, and others from my first jobs in the real world.

Today’s card went out to a college friend who I adore, respect and admire. That’s it, that’s your hint.

This week I also received a card that reminded me about the power of friendship.

The card is from two of my Cottey College friends, who I am realizing the further I get away from those college days, are like rocks in life. All the women I went to college with — sure we were young, but we were there for each other.

We are always there, I think, despite the miles and years. We touched each other’s lives when our hearts and brains were still forming, growing, learning.

And, it’s our job to see each other through this thing called life.

Ducks. Daisies. And all.

Thank you Rebecca and Amy!

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
JamieP.S. This is all made possible by Green Ink Gallery. Check out their beautiful fine art cards!

P.P.S. Yesterday’s card went out to Norah and Elise Pickering – Justin’s nieces and totally fun and fabulous girls (who catch toads and dance and sing and write and draw — they can do anything).

{whose life can you touch today?}
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