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BLOG – GIFT DAY 212 :: 101 reasons to live to 101 years old

31 Jul
I hope to live to a 101 years old!On a day like today it seems so far away. It’s too smoky to be outside, too many fires in the nearby mountains and no rain on the horizon. Our air quality has been downgraded to “Very Unhealthy.”The air is so thick, the local stores are all out of mouth/face masks so we are improvising with handkerchiefs. This is how I went to the mailbox to mail my card of the day!

Even though we were forced to stay inside today, I received the most inspiring note from my friend Carrie
“A friend of mine, her grandfather is turning 101 on August 4th. She has asked friends to please send him a card wishing him a happy birthday. Her hopes are that he gets 101 or more cards in the mail for celebrating 101 years of life.”

I love it! I wrote my card today to Mr. Warren Williams, a centenarian and dropped it in the mail with a birthday wish.

I hope he receives a million and one cards for his birthday! If you want to be a part of this Card Crusade, feel free to send your birthday wishes to Williams too.

“Warren and Gladys (92) are still living on their farm in Southern Illinois and have (nearly) round the clock care.  They still have their “wits” about them and in spite of health issues that come and go they are pressing on.

Don’t feel like you have to hunt down a card with 101 on it.  Doubtful that there are many.  It doesn’t even have to be an official birthday card- just send a note and throw in a picture of your family to give them something to talk about. It’s very much appreciated!”

On a smoky day like today, where the smoke is just hanging in the air:

photos by Justin Aiken

It warms my heart to think about Mr. Williams and his wife. Their life together, their dreams, their children. I think about all the times he has lived through, what he must have seen, witnessed, heard, followed in his lifetime.

It’s a enough to put this cloud of smoke in its place. It’s just an inconvenience, really. We have professional firefighters and backup crews doing their job and keeping all of these  mountains safe.

And, someday, it will make for a good story to tell my great grandchildren.
When I turn 101.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
JamieP.S. The CARD CRUSADE all made possible by Green Ink Gallery. Check out their beautiful fine art cards!P.P.S. Yesterday’s card went out to Lisa Roe. Love you my Cottey College friend.

{who in your life needs a card?}
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