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BLOG – GIFT DAY 273 :: why so serious?

30 Sep

It’s Monday. 
And in true Monday form, nothing goes to plan.
On top of the usual suspects of Monday-ness, the government now appears to be shutdown too.

To add fuel to the fire… Brady won’t let me write my blog post.
A Blog Shut Down looms.

Tweet! Post! Pin! Fearlessness still wins.

This silly dog.
All he wants to do is play.

So in the wise words of somebody somewhere…
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Brady won me over.  And I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. It’s a good reminder to find a moment to pause and a second to play even when things are so serious.

Find joy in what you have.
Or just share dog photos.
Whatever feels better dog-gone-it.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{can there be a moment of play?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 272 :: missing the game

29 Sep

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! 
We woke up ready for some football today.

You see, we RARELY see the New England Patriots football games televised over here on the west coast.

Even though we are now on the left coast we still root for our beloved east coast team. And today, The Pats game was scheduled to be televised on the west coast!

Yippee!  Celebration!  Yehaw!
Even I was excited to watch football today.

To prepare for this grand occasion, we decided to put all those vegetables to good use in a homemade salsa. We stocked up on the game essentials (chips! beer!) and waited.

Just as I was chopping onions, standing in front of the kitchen window, wielding my very large kitchen knife…

I heard a loud POP! 
Like a gun firing. Or an explosion. I wasn’t sure which. It’s a wonder I held on to that large kitchen knife and didn’t drop it or stick it right through my hand.

Then all the power went out.
Darkness.  Silence. No light. No oven. No television. No internet.


The game was less than two hours away from kickoff. It seemed less than ironic, almost cruel that we lost our power on the one day The Pats play on our television. 

We called the power company and navigated through the automated help line.
Do you have a power outage?  YES.
Are you calling from the area of the power outage? YES.
Are you waiting for The New England Patriots game to start? YES!!!

Estimated time of service… 8PM. West coast time mind you.

So we sulked ourselves over to the local brewery.

We still caught the game, although we have yet to eat any of our salsa.

After arriving home and settling in to watch the second half of the game at home with power on, I remembered something I knew long ago.

The difference between a problem and an inconvenience. 

Today was just a little inconvenience. Not a problem, not an issue, not even a blip on our lives.  Just a little bump.  An inconvenience.

And knowing the difference makes all the difference.

Play on!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

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BLOG – GIFT DAY 271 :: yo! you reap what you sow

28 Sep

The seasons are changing and with it the garden is turning yellow.

Today marked a milestone.
The last harvest.

And what a harvest it was!

We have diligently kept track of our garden goods over the summer and the final count is in. The garden brought in around $254 worth of food (depending on how you slice it).

The produce lines up like this:

  • 18 Pints of Raspberries
  • 47 Zucchini
  • 49 Tomatoes
  • 9 Cucumbers
  • 14 Winter Squash
  • 5 Yellow Squash
  • 12 Eggplant
  • 1 Acorn Squash
  • 7 Strawberries
  • 22 Jalapeno Peppers
  • 7 Green Peppers
  • 4 Rosemary
  • 5 Thyme
  • 5 Mint
  • 3 Basil
  • 0 Blueberries

…And 7 “Zu-squash”
A zucchini and squash plant mated to created something we call Zu-squash. It’s weird. We’re not eating it.

There may be a few more tomatoes and zucchini to bring in next week, but I think it’s safe to say the season is over. And we need to make salsa. Or ratatouille.

To my delight, as I looked over our last grab from the garden, I noticed a heart.
In the shape of a tomato.

It kind of sums up my first official garden experience.

Justin had to gently coax me into the garden when we first arrived in Oregon.  I wouldn’t say I followed him kicking and screaming, but I was definitely squirming.

While I may not be psyched to let the spiders crawl on me (or my rosemary plants!) I am totally amazed at what Mother Nature showed us this summer.  She kind of showed off really.

Not only did I learn how to grow a boat-load of zucchini, I also found joy in sharing our bounty with neighbors, friends and family.

To my surprise, I am totally fascinated by the power of a seed. To transform right before my eyes, sprout stalks and leaves, and finally, with a lot of sunshine, water and hope, produce fruit.

For the first time in my life I understand on a completely different level the power of planning ahead, picking while the “pickin’s good” and saving some for later.

I thought we would have raspberries forever… now I wish I would have saved some or canned raspberry jam before those branches turned bare.

It’s definitely a new season out there.
As the plant leaves turn yellow and flop down to the ground, I know there will come a day when I will crave some zucchini… although it’s hard to imagine that right now.

Just another lesson from Mother Nature.
One about abundance and love and saving a little something-something for a rainy day.

Just goes to show…
You get what you give.
You reap what you sow.
May you love what you do and eat what you grow!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{are you ready for the new season?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 270 :: right in the middle of a…

27 Sep

I finally stopped at The Glass Forge today.
It’s been on my list of places to see… a field trip of sorts. I just haven’t made time for it yet.

The place is literally located a few blocks from our house, but we just haven’t been there yet.

So on my walk home today, as I passed right by it, I decided to stop everything and take a look. Why not?

It was a great adventure in color. Right in the middle of my neighborhood! Who knew?

I guess that’s the point.
You never know unless you try.
Or stop by…

Or stop in…

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what are you waiting to try?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 269 :: 1,000 blog posts!

26 Sep

Today is the day… one THOUSAND blog posts. At least that’s what Word Press says about this little here blog.

According to my math I have already messed up my day count this year — edit noted. Today is day 269. Which means this blog started EXACTLY 1,000 days ago.

I can hardly believe I have written a blog every single day since making my first promise.

In the process, I have:
– tried every diet possible
– not shopped for an entire year
– backed out of a brazilian bikini wax
– moved all over the east coast
– traveled to Mexico, Paris and almost everywhere in between
– moved to the west coast
– celebrated three birthdays
– faced my fear
– lost my thyroid
– gained a lovemore+fearless attitude

– found YOU!

This blog started out for me.
But it’s become a little nightly love note to you.

So, here’s to you!
1,000 days later.

Sometimes I think my sheer determination to write every night is downright crazy. Other times I think it’s ridiculous. Still other days it makes me feel pretty proud of myself.

The truth is, I haven’t done any of this without a lot of support from SO many people. 

And that includes YOU!
Thank you.

This isn’t a one woman show over here — it’s network, a web if you will, of many.  And isn’t everything?

But tonight, on the night of a goal that I never really ever thought I would celebrate (1,000 blog posts!!!), I would like to thank the man who cheers me on privately and publicly everyday.

Thank you Justin. 
For being by my side for more than 1,000 days and in my heart forever and always.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what goal to you want to celebrate?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 266 :: stand up and be strong

25 Sep

Yesterday I went back to the doctor.
On our way to the the endocrinologist’s office we passed a rainbow.

Those colorful things seem to be frequenting our neck of the woods lately. It helps that our temps have plummeted forty degrees in two weeks, from a sweltering 100 + “dry” heat to a drizzling 60.  I officially feel like we have now moved to Oregon.

As we passed the rainbow hanging over the side of the road I said to Justin, “They always pop up on days when I have a doctor’s appointment.”

He agreed and then he popped this CD into the car.
The first song grabbed me within the first stanza:

“Stand up and be strong 
It won’t take long
You can’t go wrong
Stand up and be strong” 

“What is this?” I asked reaching for the CD case to read Soul Asylum.
“It’s a great album,” Justin remarked while keeping his eyes on the road.

I turned up the sound and yelled, “I LOVE it!”

“If you’re life’s a mess
Remember you’re blessed
Stand up and be…
Stand up and be strong.”

After my doctor’s appointment we celebrated the good news. My TSH levels are right in the middle of the “normal” range. I’m a 2.7 now, a full one point difference since pre-surgery.

Ironically, I never thought I would be so happy to be rated a 2.7 in anything. (I mean, where else does a 2-point-something feel good?)

Just as we pulled back into Grants Pass the CD looped and that song came back on.

“Stand up and be strong 
It won’t take long
You can’t go wrong
Stand up and be strong” 

Here’s the funny thing…
This year has asked a lot of me — to stand up, be strong, and go on in so many ways. And maybe that’s part of learning how to identify, welcome and accept abundance?

I know this is true:

“If you’re life’s a mess
Remember you’re blessed
Stand up and be strong.”

Happy abundance to you.
Happy listening too (click here).

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{where you can stand up and be strong?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 265 :: what is your delight?

24 Sep

My adventure in ABUNDANCE continues. Along the way I most recently stumbled upon this talk with Martha Beck and team.

It’s all about discovering your passion and your path in life. Finding your calling if you will.

This reminds me of a quote I read from Mr. Seth Godin:

“Your drudgery is another person’s delight. It’s only a job if you treat it that way. The privilege to do our work, to be in control of the promises we make and the things we build, is something worth cherishing.” – Seth Godin

And that reminds me of our hideous couch. 

It’s really quite awful.

But Justin loves it. As does Pup… and Brady too. In fact, Justin asked me to stop calling the couch “hideous” because he really does love it.

And, you know what? I can respect that.
From this day forward the couch will not be used in conjunction with the “H” word. From this point forward it will be Justin’s treasure.

Your drudgery is another person’s delight.

I think the best gift of all is when you know what you love. When you stand up for what you treasure. When you can shout from the mountain top that which is your delight.

That, right there, just might be abundance.

Want to list to the Martha Beck talk? click here.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what delights you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 264 :: to sing in the shower?

23 Sep

Today I researched a bit more about thyroids… I can’t help it.
Mostly because a friend mentioned the 5th chakra (throat chakra) to me and I became curious.

Interestingly, I read all about what happens when your 5th chakra is blocked. Some of the side effects listed include this doozie… writers block.

Writers block!
I have been working on a manuscript for a while now (like a year) and it has totally, completely and absolutely been on pause since the lump in my throat was discovered. We’re talking SHUT DOWN, no flow, all dried up.

I don’t know, but I found this next nugget interesting.

Apparently when your 5th chakra is open you do fascinating things like… sing in the shower. 

Sing in the shower? 
I had to laugh out loud.

I have literally (and almost harmonically) been singing in the shower for the last week.

After I chased that rainbow on Friday I couldn’t stop singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and tonight… well, I can’t stop singing this – thanks to Justin showing me a totally adorable video.

You Belong To Me. 
It’s a precious father/daughter duet between a dynamic four-year-old and her uber patient papa. I highly recommend it.

Warning, the song might get stuck in your head.
Or, your shower.

Who knew singing could be so beneficial?
And sassy.
And absolutely precious.

May you sing, sing a song.
Make it simple, to last your whole life long. 

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

 {do you sing in the shower?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 263 a question for you

22 Sep

Tonight I have a question.
Well a few… for you!

Here’s the first one — Are you ready for the week ahead? 

Tomorrow is Monday. It’s amazing how fast a week can fly. On the eve of Monday I always work through my goals for the week ahead.. at least I try. And one goal I have is to find out more about what YOU think!

So, the second question is this one — Would you be mind taking a survey? 
If so, you might win a pair of these totally awesome socks!

They will be a BRAND NEW pair of course 😉

All you have to do to take the survey is go here.
Please. Thank you! Grateful. Good luck!

May you have a wonderful, productive and AMAZING week ahead.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what do you want to happen this week?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 262 :: kiss a frog

21 Sep

Justin brought a frog to me today.
I think it was a joke to make me squirm.

I also think he loves to catch animals for the fun of it.  He is 100% pure B.O.Y.

As I squirmed, Justin held up the frog, sorry… he held up the Buff Frog… and showed me his webbed feet.

Then he jokingly said, “do you want to kiss it?”

I squealed. “NO WAY!”

Then I laughed as I realized, “I already have my prince.”

He smiled back and then released the Bull Frog to hop away somewhere into the garden.

Speaking of the garden…
Today is the day to announce our Holy Zukes contest winner.

Drumroll please….

Congratulations JENN M.! 

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{how is your weekend going?}
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