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BLOG – GIFT DAY 243 labor day :: before and after

2 Sep

As Labor Day melts away, I am in awe.
So much can be accomplished in one day. 

Or one week.
So tonight I share all the “laboring” we have done around here to get this house looking like a “home” — all thanks to Jaynane and her talented vision.

There’s someone amazing that can be done with simple details:

  • a vase of flowers on the kitchen table
  • a new paint coat on the bathroom base boards
  • two candlesticks

More than anything I have learned that it’s the tiny details that make a home. And, isn’t that true for everything in life — the tiny details matter.

If you need someone to help re-do, update or rearrange, I know someone who can make house calls!

Enjoy our little labor of love. Photos below, including the secret ingredient to each room.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen Secret Ingredient:
Curtains over the windows add a touch of feminine beauty and blocks the hot summer sun.  Jaynane sewed these with her own two hands — I am amazed.

My favorite thing: 
The Columbia Crest winery metal vines. Found at an antique store. Originally priced at $65 but we negotiated them down to $50.  The piece fills the wall and adds a touch of delicate strength as a focal point. (We pretend not to notice this is a Washington winery instead of one of the many Oregon wineries around here!)

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Living Room Secret Ingredient:
A rug that doesn’t quite “match” blends in nicely and takes the pressure off the eyes from our “hideous” couch.

My favorite thing: 
An old “bread” rack that now houses Justin’s DVD collection. Originally $40, we got it for $30.

Office Before

Office After

Office Secret Ingredient:
The turquoise dresser!  You’ve already seen the before and after photos of this one, but the real change here was to move all the books off the dresser and house them in a small bookshelf. It lets the dresser breathe and show off its true beauty.

My favorite thing: 
The printer stand that matches the lines of my desk, but because it’s black and the desk is white they don’t look too matchy-matchy. It was a gift. LOVE IT.

Bedroom Before 

Bedroom After

Bedroom Secret Ingredient:
We raised the bed 5 inches with foot stands. AMAZING difference. The entire room looks different and the bed feels 100 times more luxurious.

My favorite thing: 
Aunt Bea’s headboard! It was an heirloom gift given to us and we painted it, along with two mismatched bed stands (that we found at an antique store and negotiated for $38 to buy both). It all comes together to make a fun punch of color and a more welcoming sanctuary to retire to at night and a bright, happy room to wake up to.

I hope you enjoyed our little labor of love. What simple changes are you ready to make?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what simple changes can you make?}
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