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BLOG – GIFT DAY 244 :: to hellgate and back?

3 Sep

Big day today. 
The bandages came off! To celebrate we took to the river to discover a new side of this new life of ours.

We went to Hellgate.

By the sound of it, you wouldn’t be too excited. Hellgate Tours. It sounds so, well, hellacious.

But tonight we found exactly why it’s so special.

We sped down the Rogue River on one of the most celebrated adventures in our new town: Hellgate Tours Jet Boat Rides.

Along the way we whisked around each turn of the river and our guide Randy pointed out the birds along the way: eagles, hawks, blue heron and osprey.

We even spotted fisherman and cheered on their daily catch of ENORMOUS salmon that they proudly displayed, holding high above the water’s edge.

Our guide slowed the motor so we could cruise through their namesake canyon that is best known as the setting for the movies The River Wild and Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

Then we stopped at the OK Corral for some dinner and wine and a quiet moment to take in the beauty of the river below.

Finally, we loaded back into the boat to speed back up the river, and turn a few circles, 360’s and water splashing waves that soaked our hair and left our skin dripping wet.

I was cold and wet, but I didn’t mind. 

Somewhere between the BBQ’d chicken, marion berry cobbler, white wine and picturesque-water-soaking-jaw-dropping-nature-seeking-bird-watching-hold-onto-your-hats ride on the river I had an epiphany.  

I finally understand this town that we now call home. I have connected with it in a way that I couldn’t quite grasp before.

Because it’s all about the river. A river runs through this town and with it flows all of nature and life.

Aha. Right below my nose. 

Speaking of things right below my nose!
Here’s the REVEAL after the bandages came off today… my new scar.

It looks like a smiley face.
And isn’t that fitting?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what aha’s have you had lately?}
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