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BLOG – GIFT DAY 260 :: manifest your dreams

19 Sep

I planted a seed today.
It’s a special seed. A bean really. But more than anything it’s an inspiration bean.

My super-awesome, amazing, life-long friend Shannon sent this to me and I think it is brilliant!

Apparently the bean actually grows into a plant where the word that is inscribed on the bean grows into the leaf.

Is it magic?
Will it work?

I don’t know.
But we will find out. 

And I think that’s something to ponder — because you never know if anything will grow/bloom/evolve/happen unless you try. How else can we manifest our dreams?

And why start anything without a lot of faith? Who knows if the seed will turn into a plant? Who can guarantee anything will grow from this little bean?

I can’t.

But I do know one thing that George Michael taught me…

You gotta have faitha, faitha, faith.
You gotta have faitha, faitha, faith.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{do you have faith in the dreams you are planting?}
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