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BLOG – GIFT DAY 261 :: somewhere over the rainbow

20 Sep

I visited the vampires today.
Another hospital, another blood draw.

And I have to admit it is so much easier to get poked with a needle after having a clean bill of health. Amazing what that big word PERSPECTIVE can do for pain management.

I feel like I have made it to the other side of this medical journey. And it feels good to be here.

After I left the hospital I hopped in my car and headed home. As I pulled up to a stoplight I looked at the road ahead. Would you believe there was an honest-to-goodness-real rainbow hanging in the sky ahead of me.

So I did what anyone who just had their blood sucked out of their veins would do… I chased it.  Maybe I was light headed or a little woozy, but it was so pretty I had to get closer.

I weaved my way through town, holding my camera up to my windshield just to get a photo. In the middle of driving and balancing my iPhone on my steering wheel I thought… this can’t be safe… and can I get pulled over for this? 

Regardless… I chased on.
My chase took me through town, down roads, over hills and past fields I have never seen before. And finally, I got the shot I was looking for.

It makes me wonder…
What is really at the end of the rainbow?

I finally, after months of this long journey, think I know….
They say the journey is really the hidden treasure.

I have to agree.

Where is your journey taking you?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what’s at the end of your rainbow?}
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