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BLOG – GIFT DAY 272 :: missing the game

29 Sep

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! 
We woke up ready for some football today.

You see, we RARELY see the New England Patriots football games televised over here on the west coast.

Even though we are now on the left coast we still root for our beloved east coast team. And today, The Pats game was scheduled to be televised on the west coast!

Yippee!  Celebration!  Yehaw!
Even I was excited to watch football today.

To prepare for this grand occasion, we decided to put all those vegetables to good use in a homemade salsa. We stocked up on the game essentials (chips! beer!) and waited.

Just as I was chopping onions, standing in front of the kitchen window, wielding my very large kitchen knife…

I heard a loud POP! 
Like a gun firing. Or an explosion. I wasn’t sure which. It’s a wonder I held on to that large kitchen knife and didn’t drop it or stick it right through my hand.

Then all the power went out.
Darkness.  Silence. No light. No oven. No television. No internet.


The game was less than two hours away from kickoff. It seemed less than ironic, almost cruel that we lost our power on the one day The Pats play on our television. 

We called the power company and navigated through the automated help line.
Do you have a power outage?  YES.
Are you calling from the area of the power outage? YES.
Are you waiting for The New England Patriots game to start? YES!!!

Estimated time of service… 8PM. West coast time mind you.

So we sulked ourselves over to the local brewery.

We still caught the game, although we have yet to eat any of our salsa.

After arriving home and settling in to watch the second half of the game at home with power on, I remembered something I knew long ago.

The difference between a problem and an inconvenience. 

Today was just a little inconvenience. Not a problem, not an issue, not even a blip on our lives.  Just a little bump.  An inconvenience.

And knowing the difference makes all the difference.

Play on!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

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