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BLOG – GIFT DAY 276 :: how can you go bigger?

3 Oct

I left the desert today. 
I hit four states in one day – with many plane changes in between.
California. Arizona. Colorado. And finally, home to Oregon.

I’m starting to get my feel for the west coast again.  I say, again, because I grew up in Idaho. And while almost everyone I met on the east coast thought Idaho was located in the mid-west (officially referred to as the fly-over zone) it is the west.

The Mountain West. The Northwest. The Rocky Mountain West. Call it what you will —- it is not the MID west.

When I first moved EAST, I was a one woman defender of the actual location of the state of Idaho. After, of course, educating people that Idaho was NOT Iowa. Or Ohio for that matter.

And now, I find myself back in the west. On the left side of the nation. Where everyone knows that Idaho is in the west.

Doing my little flight trip around OR-WA-CA-AZ-CO and back to OR again, I am reminded about the GREAT WEST.

And it’s great abundance.
Everything is great. As in GREAT BIG. Mountains. Trees. Ocean. Breeze.
All big and extreme.

And amazing.

Even the cacti in the desert is big. It’s also my Abundance Photo of the Day.

I’m not saying bigger is always better…. but it is certainly amazing.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{how can you go bigger?}
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