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BLOG – GIFT DAY 282 :: god be with you till we meet again

9 Oct

In keeping with my promise to seek abundance, here’s my Abundance Photo of the Day….

Lots and lots of tomatoes.  We have already eaten SO MANY tomatoes and still seem to have a window full of the green and red juicy things.

They will all ripen and we will keep making chili and slice them into our salads – but there will come a day when we no longer have a window full of tomatoes. We will miss and crave and long for tomatoes.

It’s such a lesson in life. 

Today, Uncle Bob officially crossed over, passed away, left us. And I can’t help but think we just don’t have the right words to describe it. Both the sadness and the total shock.

As a little girl I was taught not to say the word D.I.E.  As in, “Grandpa Sliger died.” It was not only unacceptable, it was RUDE. It was crass, utterly forbidden. Akin to saying the “F” word at the dinner table on Christmas Eve. Just. Not. Right.

And if anyone uttered the word “DIED” out loud it would surely get a gaping gasp. As if someone let the secret out of the bag that we human beings have an expiration date stamped on our foreheads.

“Jamie, don’t say that!” I can still here Mama Sling say to me. And in good childish form I responded…

“But why?”

My mother gave me a look that meant I was asking too many questions.
I’m not sure I ever got a good answer to, “but why?”

But I do know this:
Death is always a shock to me. Even if I expect it. Even if I think I’m prepared for the news. And especially when I’m not.

We were not prepared to say goodbye to Uncle Bob this soon.
It was accident. And it’s just so not right.

But we must say goodbye. Or see you soon. Or whatever it is that we say as we come to terms with the idea that a loved one is no longer here, teasing, laughing, calling, living.

And yet, his life lives on.
In grandchildren and babies, in sisters and brothers, in cousins and children, in friends and in others.

Maybe that’s why we don’t say that we D.I.E.
It’s too final.

The life in all of us, like my tomatoes lining my window, all beautiful and plump, will ripen and eventually disappear someday. But just like my tomatoes, every single nutrient fortifies my body and strengthens my soul, much like all of these moments of life – the good, the sad, and all the miracles in between.

God be with you till we meet again.
More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

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