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BLOG – GIFT DAY 299 :: an abundance of creepiness

26 Oct

In keeping with my promise to seek abundance this year, here’s my Abundance Photo of the Day a pile of leaves.

This is two-part post, really.

The first part is this… on my walk home today I noticed the piles of leaves lining the sidewalks all along downtown.

It’s like the trees all got together and decided to drop all their leaves overnight.

By the time I arrived home I noticed the layer of leaves lining our own driveway and front lawn. They were so deep you could swim through them.

I’m not sure why, but this inspired me.
To rake. 

As I raked in the October sun I could feel my abs getting a workout. I’ve been looking into local gyms recently, but this raking was such a good workout.

I thought to myself, maybe I should just spend more time in the yard?

It would be good for so many reasons…. I get exercise, the yard gets tender loving care, not to mention it costs nothing but a little time and sweat.

Then a little child ran giggling down the sidewalk. He was dressed as Spiderman and his little Honeybee sister came giggling after.  Not too long after that, what I can only assume were the miniature Honeybee and Spiderman’s parents walked by my raking with their stroller.

I smiled. They smiled back.

I continued to rake big leafy piles of crisp yellow leaves convinced I had discovered the world’s best workout.  My abs were already tighter, practically ready for bikini season.

A leaf scraped against my ankle and I shook it away. But I could still feel it rubbing up against my sneaker.  So I turned to look at my left leg and saw that IT WAS NOT A LEAF stuck inside my shoe.

It was a spider.
A big, black spider was burying between my anklet sock and my heel. 

I yelped. No, I screamed. Really loud. And jumped. And threw my shoe and ripped my sock off my foot and ran to the front porch. While I was jumping and screaming I grabbed my other sneaker and tore the remaining sock off too.

For a minuscule second I thought about leaving my socks and shoes outside, not sure if the spider was somehow stuck inside one of them, but then decided against that plan. My shoes would become a spider nest if left them outside the front door.

Instead I turned my shoes upside down in the front entryway and proceeded to strip naked in the middle of the living room.  I immediately tossed every article of clothing into the washing machine.

Then I took a bath.
A really long, hot bath.

As I sat in the bathtub, my skin still crawling from the sight of a spider creeping into my shoe, I remembered what I saw right before I felt the spider.

A little boy in costume giggling down the street.
In a Spiderman costume.

And then I laughed.
I mean really, this fear of mine is ridiculous. And I know it. I just can’t control it in the middle of an attack. The fear sneaks up on me just like the spiders do.

And it’s always THE WORST when I am sideswiped and have no warning. As much as I try, as much as I work on this fear of mine, it’s so hard to control when I don’t see it coming.

But today, in the middle of the bright afternoon sunshine, I should have known better.

As I soaked in the tub I made a decision.
I’ve got to join a gym.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{What makes you squirm?}
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