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BLOG – GIFT DAY 307 – a month of inspiration :: wake up

3 Nov

Did you catch the eclipse this morning? If not, you can catch some photos of this amazing occurrence here.

As for me, I slept in. That’s why we have the internet, right?

I have to admit, missing the moment does have me thinking about the moon and the stars and what it means to wake up.

So today, in this month of inspiration, I dedicate today to waking up… in all sorts of ways.

First, a little tune to rev you up and wake me up.

Apparently, this eclipse is ushering in a new opportunity for all of us. I don’t follow astrology, but I do find this list of ways this eclipse will wake you up fascinating from Mystic Mama:

“This eclipse marks an opportunity to stop and take stock, turn within and ask ourselves some probing questions about what’s really going on in our lives…”


“Focus on what is working. Focus on the good in your life.”

No matter the season, the moon or the stars, I love the idea of starting off with a FRESH SLATE. The good news is… we all have a fresh slate.

Every single morning.

In fact, we are waking up to an entirely new season today. Did you set your clocks back?

And finally, no matter where you are right now, I have to highlight this from Kelley Rosano:

Define yourself by what is true for you.

Need more inspiration to start your week?  

Check out 37 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change The World from our friends at Bright Drops.

Now, please excuse me, I’m off to prepare for the Patriots Game which is scheduled to be aired on the west coast according to the CBS coverage map. (See? An abundance of miracles are all around us!)

How will you wake up this week?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{How will you wake up this week?}
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