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BLOG – GIFT DAY 310 :: cherish the moments

6 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a moment… 
‘Tis the season, really….

To take it in all the moments: the crisp air, the lights, the love, the cards, the wreaths, the candles, the gifts, the turkey, the stuffing, the hustle and bustle, the quiet moments and
the movies.

It’s about time for the holiday blockbuster season to light up. And just in time, About Time (from the creators of Love ActuallyKnotting HillFour Weddings and a Funeral) is here, or at least it will be everywhere beginning November 8.

I may not need to watch this movie. I might get enough life inspiration from the trailer and listening to the British accents alone.

Plus, I read this article: About Time: How About Time a Movie About Love Actually Gets Time-Travel Right. It’s worth the read.  It will make you mindful of not only the movie but how to make every moment count in your own life.

By using your brain.

“Mindfulness — paying attention to life, to things like the beauty of the place where you live, in Curtis’ case — is, according to this particular time theory, one of the ways to make the brain more active, thus slowing time.”

Ironically, yesterday I talked about Back to The Future.  And of course there is also The Time Traveler’s Wife (I personally loved the book  not the movie!)

One theme holds true in all of these time traveling stories —the power of the moment.

In every moment we have a choice.
And every choice matters.

I think it’s an important (and inspiring!) reminder.

And it has me thinking…
How do we become more mindful of each moment?
Especially when we can’t (not yet) go back in time to fix it?

I keep landing on what the movie says…
Cherish the small moments as if they are the most important. 

And breathe.
Of course that’s a good one too.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{How do you savor each moment?}
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