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BLOG – GIFT DAY 311 :: is self loathing a good thing?

7 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share some self-loathing.

Actually, it’s bigger than that.

But first, a pretty image from our garden.
These may be the last, official flowers of the season:

Now…about self-loathing. 
First up, this week Stephen Pressfield published an article saying self-loathing is a good thing.

And I have to agree.  I think it’s pretty inspiring actually.
What is self-loathing you say? Well, according to Stephen it’s when your brain does this:

 “You’re a loser, you’re a bum, a worthless waste of oxygen. Look at you. Do you imagine that someone like you could produce something original, something of quality, something that anyone else would care about? What ideas do you have that haven’t been done a thousand times before—and better than you could every dream of doing them?”

The above is what Stephen calls “The Voice of Resistence” which he has coined and described and conquered in a few books, including: The War of Art and Turning Pro.

If you are doing something you believe in …If you are trying to make, launch, create, birth, stick together anything with some glue, sweat and a dream… I highly encourage you to read Stephen’s work.

Start with this week’s article.
It’s so right on. And if you’re not pumping your fist in the air by the time you’re done with this article …. buy one of his books.

So what’s so great about self-loathing? Stephen says RESISTANCE is a good sign because it means there is a powerful, original idea right behind it.

And now the pièce de résistance of “resistance” …all that self-loathing is a good thing!

And this…
You. Can. Do. Anything.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{you can do anything}
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