BLOG – GIFT DAY 328 :: a month of inspiration :: winning after losing

24 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a come from behind win – and what it means to you. 

Do you feel behind? 
Like you’re losing, like there’s no way to get where you want to go? 

Then take a note from tonight’s Sunday Night Football game. 
The New England Patriots (our favorite team) played the Denver Bronco’s (Mama Sling’s favorite team). 

Somehow in the first quarter the Pats FUMBLED three times and gave up two touchdowns and a field goal. Blame it on the cold weather, the indomitable Denver defense or just some serious bad luck, but by halftime the Pats were down 24 – 0. 

How could this happen?
And SO fast?

The score looked overwhelmingly pitiful, so Justin required that I wear a NE Patriots hat. Just to help bring back some mojo. To believe in something. Anything to change the momentum.

So I donned the hat, and a new attitude.
Go Pats!

As you probably already know, The Pats won. 

Which brings me to this: 

It’s so easy to get down. It’s even easier to stay down when the going gets tough. But you can always turn “it” around – whatever your it may be. 

The past does not have to dictate the future. 
Because every new action counts more than the one before it. 
Every choice matters. 
And you can always start over. 

So go forth and do or re-do. 
And… no matter what, believe.

You just might win.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless!}

{where do you want a win?}

3 Responses to “BLOG – GIFT DAY 328 :: a month of inspiration :: winning after losing”

  1. Diane Neal Emmons at 11:24 PM #

    You are such a winner – and such an inspiration – I just know the Pats felt the hat

    • Jamie at 8:33 AM #

      Thank you Diane, the hat gave me something to do and something to believe in if nothing else, and for that, I think it worked!!

  2. Kelly DeLine at 4:34 AM #

    With being happy where I am. While figuring out what to do next! Loved the picture of you and your dog…

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