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2014 BLOG – DAY 45 :: when a heart breaks

14 Feb

It’s no surprise the heart is the strongest muscle. It should be. It gets broken more than anything else inside of us.

But hearts are resilient too.

Tonight I was reminded of how resilient a heart can be. How hearts can be fixed. Put back together to be all shiny and new. Again.

Justin surprised me with a ring.

It’s not just any ring.

It’s the ring that is made of garnet hearts. It’s the ring that belonged to my mother. It’s the ring I wore on my hand for over a decade after my mother’s death — until it broke a few years ago.

It was in my first year of making a promise here at The Promise 365 when I discovered a lost garnet. A gemstone missing. A heart broken.

Since I made a promise not to shop for anything in my first year of blogging, I tucked the ring away in my jewelry box. I told myself I would fix it…. someday.

So much has happened since then and the ring has been tucked away for someday. Until today.

In his signature way Justin fixed it.  And he presented it to me for Valentine’s Day. A total surprise!

As he pointed to the ring he said, “One garnet is for your mom, one is for you and the replacement is for me.”

I couldn’t love anything more.

Just one more reason to believe that things can be fixed when a heart breaks.
And rings too.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{happy valentine’s day}
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