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2014 BLOG – DAY 67 :: 3 things dogs have taught me about peak performance

8 Mar

As you know, my promise this year is all about peak performance.

You may also know that I spend most of my time with two dogs. They are my office co-workers, my morning cup of coffee cohorts, my evening entertainment. But they also teach me more so much more than I teach them.

So today I am sharing a few lessons in compelling and beautiful images. They are so touching they might make you cry (with laughter).

So now…I present… the 3 lessons my dogs have taught me about peak performance…

1. Believe in Yourself.
No matter what. No matter the outcome/reason/excuse. Believe in yourself.

2. Answer To Your Name
When you are called – by an idea, a goal or a promise — always answer the call.

3. Don’t Panic.
Things will go wrong, out of control, and over your head. But it’s not worth panicking over.

And, a bonus…
No matter the question ….the answer is Yes!

Enjoy your weekend!

More tomorrow.

{what have dogs taught you?}
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