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2014 BLOG – DAY 71 :: discovering a new road

12 Mar

I took a wrong turn today.

It led me through a new town and a new road.

After my biopsy today I took the wrong road out of town. Partly because I haven’t driven much around “these parts” but also because three strangers (who I just met) had just taken a tiny chunk out of my left breast.

And it hurt. It throbbed a little. It really wasn’t that bad but it was distracting enough that I missed my turn.

Which led me down a new road.
Through a place called Jacksonville. It was so cute!

Then I accidentally found something I have heard so much about….all of the vineyards around here.

Starting with one called Fiasco.

I thought it was fitting for my day, which started out as somewhat of a fiasco (to which I have an ice pack and steri strip as a souvenir strapped to my sore breast) …but turned into a little discovery of something beautiful.

A road less traveled.

More tomorrow.

{tried a new road lately?}
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