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2014 BLOG – DAY 72 :: bringing the garden back to life

13 Mar

The garden is starting to sprout. 

Our Rosemary never died. But our raspberries shriveled up and fell over. Now, they are green and sprouting as if winter never happened.

When it comes to the garden, I am amazed at what comes back from the dead. Without any human intervention.

The mint, in fact, has already taken over more than its fair share of the soil. As if it is programmed to conquer and it’s following orders. It is at peak performance. ALREADY.

It’s a good reminder to me. This year, I plan to be a better garden keeper.

I’m still a beginner,  tip-toeing my way around the zucchini and tomato plants trying to avoid getting dirt on my pants and spiders on my skin. But I will try. I will give it a good old peak performance effort.

For one, I will freeze those berries! Or make some jam or jellylike substance — or take up some other method to keep raspberries beyond the time they are ripe for the picking. (So we have them to enjoy for the entire summer and not just one month of red-stained lips.)

And two, I will find more ways to use mint. Here’s a start: Recipes with mint from Dr. Oz.

Finally, I vow not to let the weeds get out of control. It’s a hard lesson to learn but one I will never forget. It is easier to pull weeds when they are small and have short roots. (I feel like somebody famous once said that in a movie, no?)

Oh yes, and one more: water the plants.

Happy spring.
Now we must spring into action and…
Pull. Those. Weeds!

More tomorrow.

{are you planting a garden?}
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