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2014 BLOG – DAY 78 :: engage your core

19 Mar

There is one proven way to make yoga more intense. Turn up the temp, make it hot and sweat a lot.

I am a fan of hot yoga and I was thrilled to find a new hot yoga offering at our gym. I was beyond thrilled.

So yesterday, after receiving my latest diagnosis, I went directly to a hot yoga class. I wanted to sweat it all out: the stress, the disappointment, the sadness, the shock of another surgery.

What I didn’t realize was I needed to be realigned.

The entire class was all about alignment. And since there were only two of us in attendance, the class was an intense practice of hands on realignment and repositioning.

Foot here. Hip forward. Toes up. Heart forward. Lift up the ribs. Sink into your buttocks. Move left. More forward. Dip. Bend more. Sink less.

And then I learned a phrase that hasn’t left my mind since: engage your core. 

As I squeezed in my stomach to engage the proper abdominal muscles, and then more, and then more, more, more as I engaged my core, I realized something profound.

Everything was easier. And more intense.

With each move the instructor remind me to engage my core. After hearing it a few times I realized the significance of the phrase.

Engage your core. 

It hit me on a much deeper level than the sore tummy muscles I woke up with today from yesterday’s hot yoga alignment.

Engage your core. 

Today, when friends called me to wish me well and to remind me that my latest diagnosis indeed SUCKS.

Engage your core. 

Receiving encouraging notes on Facebook from people I love and adore.

Engage your core. 

This morning, while on a conference call discussing strategy with four incredibly talented women who are rocking it in the business world.

Engage your core. 

This afternoon, when I talked with my Thyroid Surgeon who took such great care of me last fall and tonight promised to help me find the perfect surgeon for this next journey.

Engage your core. 

Connecting with my family and Justin’s family.

Engage your core. 

Finally, tonight, when Justin slipped and told me that he emailed all my friends and asked them to reach out to me to keep me occupied (instead of Googling a diagnosis).

Engage your core.

I think it’s a recipe for peak performance across the board. And it’s a reminder to me that everything is easier when you engage your core.

It’s more intense, it will make you sweat, but it makes everything easier.
All it takes is a tiny realignment.

Engage your core. 

More tomorrow.

{who is your core?}
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